Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Making "They're here"

Spent last night watching Carpenter's "The Thing" and thus woke up fully inspired to create this image ,which makes not much sense - Two alien, but organic, multi-pods attacking a country side gas station. I knew from the beginning that this wasn't a single application job. I queued up the process flow in my mind and started with  3D Studio Max. Task in hand was to make the creatures. I wasn't intending to spend a lot of time on this image, so I went for a low poly, super simple mesh. 

Started with a low-poly sphere and extruding a couple of polygons to create the tentacles.


I applied a turbosmooth to smoothen the mesh and then a noise modifier to get the fractal noise I needed to make the tentacles look alive. Applied another turbosmooth modifier on top of this to polish the look of the model. 

Applied an organic skin material from a bitmap and created two versions of the render in two different angles after slightly modifying the noise before the second render. 

Took a box and applied the Gas-station texture on 4 sides as a UVW Wrap.Foliage was added with Photoshop. I used several layers of grunge and decay to create a post apocalyptic look for the scene.