Tuesday, December 3, 2013

BMCC 2.5K : First Impression

Still toying around with my brand new Blackmagic Design Cinema Camera 2.5K 

I couldn't test the 2.5K or the 4K (which requires a firmware update) yet. This was shot in Pro-Res HD in Film Mode, so that its compressed but still gives you a lot of information to work with on post. This particular shot was a low-light scenario, but still I left the ISO at 200 and as you can see, BMCC performs really well in LowLight. The crop-factor of Lenses will make you disoriented for a short while if you are switching from a DSLR like 5D Mark 2, but once you are over it, you can use it to your advantage. I will be testing the RAW soon! And will post a video out from the camera as soon as possible. The below footage was corrected using Davinci Resolve Lite.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Photoshop Video Tutorial: Facial Typography

A quick and easy-to-follow tutorial on creating facial typography from images.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tutorial : How to remove white noise from audio

Here is a quick tutorial on how to remove white noise from your audio. This is handy when you are stuck with a footage that has a lot of wind/room tone interference in the audio.All you need to fix this is a free app called Audacity.

1.Open the audio file in audacity.

The marked region in the audio waveform above is white noise. Now we have to sample a bit from this region.

2. Select a tiny region of white noise from the waveform.

3. Go to Effects> Noise Removal

4. And click on 'Get Noise Profile'

5. Now Select the whole waveform and repeat step 3. And Click 'OK'

You audio will now be WhiteNoise free!