Sunday, July 19, 2009

3D Compositing: Basic frame of the process

I was working on a 3D compositing project recently and thought of putting up a breakdown of the steps usually involved in the process.Compositing a 3D object into a real footage is always a challenging task.Here are the basic steps which needs a careful attention while being in the process of 3D Compositing

background plate

modelling/animating the 3D elements

Applying material data/Colors

Matching the Lights and applying shadows

final compositing involving 'depth of field' generation and color matching the footage


Monday, July 6, 2009

Tutorial:After Effects: The Wiggler

Wiggler is an expression based controller in After effects.You can effectively use that to fake camera shakes to your virtual AE camera.This will come handy if you are creating an explosion scene and you want your camera to vibrate on the wave.Watch the sample video!


In this tutorial you will learn how to use the wiggler expression controller to create a digital camera shake.

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1.So i've already setup a composition with all the needed elements.

2.To apply the wiggler effect we need to make this composition to a single track.Inorder to do that,we need to pre-compose the comp.So go to layers>Pre-compose.Now we have the entire composition as one layer.

3.Drag the slider to find out the exact start of the explosion and create a keyframe in the rotation controller of the pre-compose layer.Move the slider till the explosion fades out and create another keyframe.

4.Now select these two keyframes,Goto window>Wiggler. And click on Apply.Modify the frequency to get the desired effect.

5.Now an issue that could happen when u apply the wiggler is that,as the footage shakes you can see the outer black edges.There is a cheat you could use to easily fix this.Go to Effects>Stylize and apply a Motion tile.In the Controls,tick mirror edges. What this will do is,it will mirror the footage edges and thus extend the video data beyond the boundary so that we wont be getting any black edges while doing a wiggle.