Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tutorial:Photoshop:Making the New Moon

Here is a brief tutorial on how I created the 'New Moon' Wallpaper
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1.Started with a document of width 1920 and height 1200.Filled the background layer with a gradient as shown in the image.

2.Drew an elliptical shape on the bottom right side of the document.That was our planet.Filled it with a radial gradient of dark and light blue and applied a noise of 1.45.

3.Now i did create the stars using the modified brush settings on a new layer.Refer the image.After being done with the stars,Selected that layer and applied an outer glow to it.

4.To create the foliage,i've used an expression based pattern generator called 'Context Free'. Feel free to experiment with it.Export the images as PNGs and drag them on to our composition.

5.I took the moon from a real image and played with the curves to make it look a bit more dreamy.Placed the moon just under the planet layer.

6.I had this image of a boat. I traced it out and then inverted it to make it black.Placed it on our document.

7.Added some more patters from Context Free

8.And I present you the final image!


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