Sunday, September 7, 2008

Video: Using 3D Objects in video to create a dramatic shot

Now this is an interesting technique.For creating this video,I have used my 3d Pipe Model,rendered out as a png.Imported it along with the footage onto after effects.Then moved the layers in Z Space.Added some camera motion and a fake depth of field.That's it! Got a dramatic shot.At first the focus is on the person.Then it slowly zooms/tracks out,like someone is doing a walk-back with a hand held camera and the focus shifts on to the pipe.I used the lens blur filter to fake the depth of field shifting.Check out the video.

Tip: You will get better results if you are using a tripod/Dolly shot.

Download the video here:


  1. superb dude!! show us more....

  2. aa pavathine oru dialogue enkilum kodukkuu... lol

  3. did u reupload the video? nice!