Monday, August 11, 2008

Tips: How to extract Background Audio Track from a DVD

This might be useful for multimedia guys,if you are interested in ripping
a part of an audio track from a DVD and using it for a personal production
like a trailer or in your home video!

A DVD audio track in Dolby 5.1 comprises of 6 channels namely
Front-Left, Center, Front-Right, Rear-Left, Rear-Right. The vocal
comes only through the center channel. The 6th channel is LFE or
Low Frequency Effects which ranges from 10Hz to 120HZ and the LFE is
send directly to the sub-woofer of the speaker set

Using a software like DGIndex, you can extract the audio of the
required sequence in AC3 format with all 6 channels intact. Now you
need to downmix to MP3 format. For that BeSweet can be used.
Now BeSweet has an option to control the Downmix Power Level. You can
input the power level in dB for each channel separately. Now to
eliminate the center channel, you can try a negative powerlevel like
-50dB or something for center channel alone, while not touching the
power level for other channels.

Also you have other options like specifying the output bitrate. And
when you click the "AC3 to MP3" button what you shud get is an MP3
file with center channel eliminated.

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