Thursday, August 28, 2008

Video: Compositing Test 1 : Sky Replacement

Today we were trying out some composition experiments.Took my HD Cam to the office terrace.Then replaced the blown out sky from the original footage with a dark cloudy sky in aftereffects.The key was to match the motion of the sky with the shaky footage.Had to use multiple motion trackers.Also did some color tuning to match the layers.Watch the video! Will make a tutorial on this soon..

PS: Thanks to Yazid, who is a really good friend and a really bad actor :)

Watch the 720p HD Video here: [Note:Download the file to view in full HD]


  1. u do it?

  2. Hey! Great work bro! Happy to know that you still remember the tricks that I taught you!

  3. reply to girish:

    Yeah! i still remember how u made innocent people to believe that you are making a real movie and made them act in that...i guess you are taking about that trick!