Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Update: A R Rahman teams up with Danny Boyle

News update on my favorite musician of all time,A R Rahman.This time he joins with an acclaimed Hollywood director and the movie is a sure shot at the academy awards.Danny Boyle's Slumdog Millionare. Danny Boyle previously directed critically raved movies like The Beach,Trainspottin, Sunshine, A lifeless ordinary etc.

Watch this small clip from the movie.The BGM is amazing.

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  1. The film is often gritty and violent but the story of two boys and a girl, who are orphaned in the Bombay riots and who look out for each other (at least for most part), is full of heart wrenching moments and ends on a life affirming note. The theme song of the film, composed by A R Rahman and sung by Sukhvinder Singh, is one of the film's highlights. It is used, for the second time in the film, at the very end when the newly minted millionaire (a brilliant Dev Patel) and his newly reunited girlfriend (newcomer Freida Pinto) are joined by dozens of children in a glorious dance number. [rediff]