Thursday, October 16, 2008

Tip: Fixing issues while shooting a TV Screen

Here's a quick tip. You might've experienced this issue,when u tried to shoot a TV screen playing.Random lines going across the tv screen causing the screen to flicker too much.You might've seen this glitch in movies as well.What's happening here is the mismatch of Frame Rates.Usually a movie camera shoots on 24 fps and the tv playbacks on 25 fps.So when we are shooting the tv using a 24 fps camcorder,it wont be able to capture all the frame-data and it will have to skip some of the frames and that will cause the unusual flickering. You can totally get rid of this.While shooting a tv screen, switch your camera to 25fps [most of the movie cams has this option].Revert it back to 24 Fps in post-production [You can do that with almost any of the movie editing applications].Now that the Camera and the TV are in perfect sync in terms of frame rates,there wont be any flicker at all and the tv will play smoothly on your video!

PS:Another application of this.To give a "movie-look" to your home made digi-cam movies,Just convert the video to 24FPS [in aftereffects/premiere/fcp] and see the difference!


  1. great tips man.i would like to add something to this.This is applicable only to movie camera.Because a video camera shoots at 29.97 FPS by default,so it wont be a problem.