Monday, October 6, 2008

Video: Mock Trailer: Curious + Fall

Hey guys,
I was checking the iMovie software that came with iMac. Being an FCP guy, i always thought of iMovie as an amateur video editing software and it is! BUT we can do pretty cool stuff with it.The interface is a bit confusing for a beginner. But you will get the hang of it soon.It has got a pretty cool color-correction system.Its fast and there isn't much quality loss.There isn't much you can do with the video though.For starters,It doesn't support clip speed adjustments.Anyway, i made this Fake movie trailer mixing up two much awaited movies[The curious case of Benjamin button and The Fall].Took only 15 minutes to make the final cut.The exporting too was quiet fast.BTW took the music clip from Yuvvrajj by AR Rahman.Then i thought of uploading it here!Have'nt done any post production on this one.Just Editing.I will be uploading a remastered version soon!

Watch the Fake Trailer here:


  1. Brilliant! i am so waiting for this movie :)

  2. gud da! i tried imovie but its difficult to edit in there.but u did good.nice music with nice shots.

  3. Great video man, sharp editing and excellent choice of the bg score.nice to see that you are refreshing you Editing skills as well. keep rocking!

  4. fantastic editing work.luv ur blog