Thursday, April 29, 2010

Architectural Modeling : Top 5 Apps out there!

Here is a list of 5 top 3D Architectural Modeling applications out there:

5. Blender:
This one is free and surprisly flexible.A streamlined interface,an object set and many animations built-in, this one is definitely worth your time.

4. Google Sketchup:
Another free and friendlier tool.It has a very good collection of objects and materials.Give it a try.

3. Cinema 4D:
Turns your PC into a real animation studio.Cinema 4D is excellent when it comes to lighting,materials and interaction between scenes.

2. Autodesk Maya
An interface divided in tabs and fitted with a useful timeline, many animations and objects make for a great solution for designers.

1. Autodesk 3D Studio Max

A classic choice for 3D design and animation professionals, 3DS Max offers loads of advanced modeling tools and pixel perfect control over your models. Also quickly renders your templates.

Image rendered using : Blender

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