Monday, April 26, 2010

Tips for making a convincing CG Animation

When you are trying to create a photo realistic 3D animation,the tough as well as the most important part is to make it look convincing.Obviously this involves a lot of steps,starting from choosing the right texture, the lighting, the renderer so on and so forth.But today I am gonna tell you the 4 most important factors to consider and work on while doing a CG shot.

1.Frame Rate:
By default,most of the 3D applications render out the video sequences in 30FPS.This is to facilitate further need of frame rate alterations but most of us just go with the default fps and that makes the animation looks amateurish.Try to keep your animation frame rate at 24FPS.You can do this in your editing package as well.This will skip a couple of frames from your video and give it a Film Look.

2.Depth of Field:

Another very important factor which most of our regional animators conveniently forgets to use.Using a DOF in your 3D animation gives it a much natural feel and that sequence will blend seamlessly with the rest of your real footage.Its a bit difficult to use the 3D package's built in DOF generators but you can easily mock them by rendering out a Z-DEPTH sequence of the video and later use it on your compositing package to apply the needed blur.

3.Camera Movements:
Amateurish is when you see wiggly camera moves on a live action movie.But Professionalism is when you see wiggly camera moves on a CG movie. :) I think you got what i meant.

4.Film Noise:
A real scene is never that saturated and sharp. Add in some noise and blur to your CG shot.Use a screen shot from a real footage for reference and keep it subtle.

Take a look at my shot below:

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