Friday, April 17, 2009

Filming Revolution: Red One

The Red Camera is essentially a gadget you build yourself.[ just like an IKEA dining table! ] A number of different main units or ‘brains’ form the core of the camera, including a CMOS sensor and decoding hardware.

Once you choose the ‘brain’, it’s up to you to mix and match. Red cameras are based on a modular system, meaning individual lenses, batteries, viewfinders and storage can be bolted on or taken off depending on your needs and budget. At the crazy end of things, there are attachments for creating a 3D camera or 261 MP stills.

Depending on which ‘brain’ you choose, the Red camera can shoot incredibly high quality footage and up to 24MP stills. The Red Scarlet basic model (under £2000) can shoot 3K but can be upgraded to 6000x4000 pixels, while the Epic can go up to 5K.

Do you want to know whats more amusing.Bolt two Red Scarlet Cams together and you can even film in high-definition 3D.

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