Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wallpaper: Goodbye Milkyway

I was flying the other night,sitting near to the window of a 320 Jet,while listening to this amazing track from Enigma "GoodBye Milky way". Amazing Music.Amazing Lyrics.I then turned on my laptop and did this wallpaper,looking beyond the window for a reference.[Not really,all i could see there was a gigantic moon]

Click here to download the Wallpaper:

Click here to watch a fan-made video of the remastered version of Goodbye Milky Way



  1. i find no connection.... the graphics is good....but i miss the point!!

  2. its an aurora..a phenomenon which occurs in the sky at the poles...just an abstract digital rendition of the aurora..nothing much! When i heard the song,this is the image which came to my mind and i then had an urge to make an output of it.