Saturday, May 30, 2009

Tutorial:Composite BreakDown: ReDiscovery

Click the link to read the tutorial/composition breakdown of the ReDiscovery Poster

The first step involved in a production process flow, when we are approaching the work professionally,is Asset Management. This is the step where we analyze and organize all the assets we have to use in the production.These could be images from the client, logos, text matter so on and so forth.Here, for this particular example, i have collected some sample images from various sources.

The breakdown screenshots are pretty self-explanatory. Also I will note down some tips i have used in creating the effects for the composite.

Note: Here i wanted the fan leaves to rotate, than just being static in the composite.So i used a elliptical marquee to select the fan area,feathered it and then applied a radial blur to give that effect of motion.

Note: Always give attention to the fine details like shadows and reflections to make your composition more believable and pleasing to the eye.Imagine a common light-source in the composition and work out the shadows based on that.


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